"Bringing Local History To Life"
Enabling the public to engage with wonderful and exciting history through re-enactment
New members are always welcome. If you have an interest in history, or just want to help promote Carrickfergus in general, please get in touch through our Contact Us page.

If you don't like the idea of being a re-enactor, we have members who work in the background - Costume design, prop repairs or being a part of our digital media team.

We have regular meetings which are usually held in Dobbin's Inn Hotel, Carrickfergus. We hold an AGM annually which we encourage all of our members to attend to vote on the election of our committee members.

The group's Vice-Chairman is Kevin Wilson. Kevin has been in the group since 2010 and re-enacts over several time periods. He also looks after our social media pages and website.


Our treasurer and co-founder is Ann Mayne. Ann set up the group, with her son Derek, in 2008. The group was set up to help promote the wealthy history of Carrickfergus. Ann is also our events co-ordinator and lead tour guide with our Strolls Through Time street tours.


Our Chairman and co-founder is Derek Mayne. Derek helped set up the group in 2008. He re-enacts over many eras and has also appeared in some minor roles in several main stream movies. Derek also teaches sword skills to The Knights of the Krag.


Our Secretary is Joni Buckner Wilson. Joni joined the group in 2010 and re-enacts over a few eras but is none happier than when she's passing on information in our medieval tent demonstrations.

There is also one more, non-office bearing, committee member -

Rodney McDowell joined the group in 2011 and re-enacts in a varity of roles. He is game for just about anything and has even been known to absail over the wall of Carrickfergus Castle a time or two. Rodney is also our special effects sound-man as any of you who have been on our Halloween tours can testify.
Living History Group
Phone: 079 5599 6614