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Featured Photographers
As you can imagine, when we're at an event an in costume, we attract the attention on the photographers. Here, we
would like to say 'Thanks' several of them who attend our events or do photo shoots on a regular basis.

Clive Harbison is a freelance photographer. He has covered many events for us and become a
good friend of the group.  For more of Clive's work check out his Facebook page - The Beauty Of
Northern Ireland

Sam has done several photo shoots with the group and added his artistic touch to enhance
them. Wonder when we got a longship?  Sam's website is Shot By Sam

Elza is another freelance photographer who joined us for our Summer Fair in August 2015. Elza
has decided to join the group so look forward to seeing her on the other side of the lens

To see some of our other photos, click on one of the images to enlarge
The Inner Ward, Carrickfergus Castle In The Banqueting Hall, Carrickfergus Castle Our Food Table Display The Hangman
At The Jackson Centre Inside The Mayor's Parlour, Carrickfergus Town Hall To Fight Or Not A Life Under Canvas
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