"Bringing Local History To Life"
Enabling the public to engage with wonderful and exciting history through re-enactment
The Virginia Reel
at The Andrew Jackson Centre, 4th July 2012
While we like to educate the public on how we used to live, we also like to enjoy ourselves. We were unaware we were going to be asked to do this but we think we did very well, under the circumstances
We love to hear your comments.  Here are some from past events.
“Our girls and us loved this event!!“

~ Ashley McConnell, Easter Monday on the Castle Green, April 2015
“Great stories tonight!  When's the next one?“

~ Ashleigh Todd, Halloween AJC 2013
“It was a great day, good to see the Medieval Fair back!! Looking forward to the upcoming events!“

~ Davin Stockton, Walled Town Day Aug 2013
“We were there today and you guys and girls were fantastic, we absolutely loved it. You all certainly helped make the day with all the historical costumes and activities“

~ Stephen Wray, Seige of Carrickfergus, 13 July 2014
“Thank you to the folk who gave up their free time to put the Seminars on for us. I found out a lot of information about Carrickfergus that I did not know. Well done!“

~ Davin Stockton, Seminars 24 Sep 2013
“This was great, I so enjoyed it.“

~ Ruth Biese, Seige at Castle Greewn, 13 July 2013
“As a man of few words all I can say is excellent!“

~ John Grant, Halloween Whodunnit, 31 Oct 2015
“Great day, kids were enthralled by the history on their doorstep.“

~ Philip Ellison, Andrew Jackson Centre, 20 March 2015, (Andrew Jackson's Birthday)
“It was a great day, good to see the Medieval Fair back!! Looking forward to the upcoming events!“

~ Anne Dowling, Lughnasa Fair 27 July 2013
“Well done to all. I enjoyed my afternoon in Carrick watching you“

~ Thelma McConnell, Walled Town Day, 18 Aug 2013
“Fantastic evening and set of events... So glad we came along... Thoroughly enjoyable... Looking forward to what's on next.“

~ Abigail Henry, Series of Seminars, September 2013
“Busiest I've seen it since 1180“

~ Justin McCartney, Easter Monday 2015, Castle Green
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